Thursday, August 4, 2011

Connect! House of PainT

House of PainT is growing into a huge celebration of  urban art, style, dance and groovy people in the sun; this week it all comes together.

Today the Market area got a lunchtime helping of pop and lock action. It felt good to be around the energy. I particularly like the theme of this year's jam:


Some City of Ottawa counsellors may think there is a War to be waged here, but clearly that vibe is not coming from the graffiti/bboy-girl scene.

Imagine: a group of young people merging creative energy around the idea of "connecting"! I remain impressed at the complexity and character of these young citizens who make a government town feel like a cultural urban playground.

"This is a kid friendly show!" I heard one of the crew say as he invited folks to hang around and watch. A group of young government employees behind me discuss the history of hip hop, and towns that tried to make break dancing illegal. House of PainT volunteers chatted up pedestrians, inviting them out to the jam on Saturday. An older woman on her way to the National Art Gallery was excited to hear that the City funded festivals such as House of PainT. There is hope pumping through these streets.

Oh and if you want to harness the energy surge in town this week, the 2011 Ottawa Ska Fest is this weekend too. Go to both - You can nap at your desk on Monday.

Second round of pop and locking will be on Parliament Hill tomorrow at lunch. Hey Harper, take a break from your Tough on Crime agenda for a few minutes, and come see what thrives in spite of your cuts to national funding of culture and arts programming.

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